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4 Smart Dishes to add in Mesquite Seasoning

4 Smart Dinners to Make - Mesquite Seasoning

Mesquite Seasoning – 4 Smart Dinners to Try Today

Mesquite is the perfect option for you to induce that smoky flavor and to your recipe. You need to keep in mind that this seasoning is actually pretty versatile. There is no limitation to the kind of foods and recipes with which you can use the Mesquite seasoning.  As a condiment, it can help you in enhancing the flavor of your recipe really easily.

Today, we will share with you four Smart dishes which you can add Mesquite seasoning to.

1. Mesquite Grilled pork:4 Smart Dinners to Make - Mesquite Seasoning

If you are making grilled pork with avocado or whether you’re making grilled pork with any other ingredient, the Mesquite seasoning is the perfect option to get that smoky flavor. In addition, you will not need to have a significant amount of the seasoning. A dash of seasoning is more than enough in order to get that smoky flavor in your recipe.

2. Chicago style Mesquite steak:

Chicago style steak along with some provolone cheese and a dash of Mesquite seasoning is the perfect option for you when you’re looking for that perfect steak. You can cook the steak as per your preference but the Mesquite seasoning will help you in adding that amazing flavor. You need to ensure not to over sear your steak. You can induce that burnt flavor with the help of this seasoning, so that it keeps that yummy moist texture.

3. Philly style Mesquite burgers:

Just imagine the perfectly crispy patty along with some veggies as well as melting cheese and a dash of Mesquite seasoning to add that unique flavor. It sounds like a perfect recipe. With out it, in order to get that smoky flavor, you had to over burn the patty.  That is no longer a problem these days. You can easily get the smoky flavor with the help of this seasoning. This will ensure that along with the patty being crisp, you will not have to overcook it.

4. Crispy skin chicken:

Any condiment which lends a smoky flavor goes perfectly with chicken. When you’re looking to use Mesquite seasoning, crispy skin chicken is the perfect recipe which you can opt for.  With the help of this seasoning, you can add in a tasty flavor.  Additionally, the chicken will cook until crisp on the grill. This ensures that you are able to get the authentic grilled flavor as well as the added smoky flavored with the help of Mesquite seasoning.Cowboy prairie dust mesquite seasoning

So, when you’re looking at the applications of this seasoning, these are the 4 Smart dishes in which you can use this seasoning easily. You can easily decide the extent of the seasoning as per the intensity of flavor which you need. A slight tinge of the seasoning will help you get that perfect smoky flavor. If you like your food to be more on the overcooked side, you can easily add extra seasoning to get that flavor, also.

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