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Available 7 Days a week!  You don’t have to wait for a fair or farmer’s market anymore.  We are at several local markets, and growing.   We are also at 17 stores. 

Topeka, KS

  1. Hy-Vee
  2. Herman’s Beef & Sausage House North
  3. R Bar B
  4. Seabrook Apple Market

Linn, KS

  1. Mo’s Stop & Shop

Troy, KS

  1. John’s Market

Beatrice, NE

  1. Justin’s Neighborhood Meats

Dodge City, KS

  1. Boothill Museum

Greensburg, KS

  1. Kook’s Meat

Chapman, KS

  1. Phyllis’ Flowers & More

Meriden, KS

  1. FW Huston Pharmacy

Lansing, KS

  1. Lansing Lumber Farm & Feed

Hoyt, KS

  1. Painted Up Old Cowgirl Tiny Store

Meriden, KS

  1. Meriden Chiropractic
  2. Diller Locker Company

Valley Falls, KS

  1. Country Harvest Grocery Store

McClouth, KS

  1. Country Harvest Grocery Store

Holton, KS

  1. Cecil K’s Hometown Market
  2. Heartland Meat Market

Centralia, KS

  1. Haverkamps Grocery

Seneca, KS

  1. Seneca Meat Market

Diller, NE

Winchester, KS

  1. Winchester Meat Processing

Easton, KS

  1. Easton Meat Locker/ Smittys Butcher Shop

Tonganoxie, KS

  1. Brothers Market

St Mary’s, KS

  1. Ray’s Apple Mart

Omaha, NE

  1. Top Grills

Lincoln, NE

  1. Smoking Gun Jerky

Diller, NE

  1. Diller Locker Company

Country Harvest Apple Market (3 Locations)

Country Harvest Apple Market
(Meriden, McClouth, &Valley Falls, KS)
7312 K-4 Highway, Meriden, KS 66512

Mo's Stop & Shop

Linn, KS


2951 SW Wanamaker
Topeka, KS

Smoking Gun Jerky (Nebraska)

443 North 48th St
Lincoln, NE 68504

Meriden Chiropractic

7188 K4 Hwy
Meriden, Kansas 66512

Herman's Beef & Sausage

823 NW Gordon,
Topeka, KS

Painted Up Old Cowgirl Tiny Store

Painted Up Old Cowgirl Tiny Store (Hoyt, KS)

Kook's Meat Market

Greensburg, KS

Lansing Lumber Farm and Feed

211 North Main Street, Lansing, KS 66043

R Bar B

R Bar B (Topeka)
3256 NE 39th St
Topeka, KS 66617


Thriftway (Perry, KS)
Hwy 24 and Cedar Street
Perry , KS 66073

Our story

We started by accident, we were just playing with a seasoning/rub and it was just way to hot, the next one we made was just to sweet  (reminds me of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears) lol. And that’s how CPD was born.

One evening we went over to a friends house to cook out.  We brought them a mason jar with Sweet and Spicy.  They loved it and suggested we try selling it, at first we were like Nah….but then we thought about it and thought what the heck!

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