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Hickory Seasoning – 5 Food ideas to make Dinner Yummy


5 Food ideas for Hickory Seasoning

Hickory Seasoning is pretty versatile. It can be used in a wide variety of recipes consisting of different type of foods and veggies. That is why today we will share with you 5 foods that Hickory seasoning can be used with easily.Cowboy prairie dust Hickory Seasoning

  1. Steak:

Hickory seasoning provides a smoky flavor to any food you use it with. That is why Steak is the perfect option for you to use this seasoning. This will ensure that you are able to enhance the flavor of the steak even further.  Also, if you like your steak with a little-burnt flavor, this seasoning is the perfect option for you.

  1. Shrimps:

Without the right kind of condiments, shrimps can taste pretty bland. That is why Hickory seasoning is one of the perfect options for you when you’re making shrimps. Whether you’re making boiled shrimps or whether you’re making them in gravy, the Hickory seasoning is the perfect option for you to add that extra flavor.

  1. Potato wedges:

Even though we all love potato wedges but the extra tinge of flavor will not do you any harm. That is why Hickory seasoning can be sprinkled over potato wedges in order to make them tastier.  Irrespective of the shrimp recipe which you are using, you can always use this seasoning as a condiment. Thus, you will be able to easily add the smoky flavor to the wedges and make them even more interesting.

  1. Chicken:Hickory Seasoning

Chicken is another type of meat with which, you will be able to use the Hickory seasoning quite easily. When you’re making something like chicken wings, that added smoky flavor will enhance the taste of the chicken quite easily. That is why, you should definitely use this seasoning along with any poultry recipes.

  1. Pizza:

We all like that oven baked Pizza. However, the right flavors are pretty difficult to achieve when you’re making it at your home. With the help of this Hickory seasoning, you will be able to get that slightly burnt flavor in your Pizza perfectly. You will also not have to deal with big clay ovens in order to induce that flavor. That is why the Hickory seasoning can easily make your pizza better.

Hickory Seasoning can create variety

So, if you’re thinking that the applications of the seasoning are limited, you should think again. The above five options are just the tip of the iceberg. This seasoning can easily be used with a wide variety of other foodstuffs as well.

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